Adrian Ernesto Cepeda



Why do my neighbors,
my friends, misunderstand
me, Speaking mi lengua,
am I hombre or man?
Hablo con mi boca
not with my skin,
just because I am a different
shade, caminado in shadows
accenting borders, come
from the land, mi voz
from la tierra, hablo
con sueños demostrar
la pasión mi lengua, listen
to mi Corazon, beating
ritmos, sonrisas
but my Resistencia
resigns you, slighting
me, presume I exist
only as a gardener,
a niño immigrante
stranger call me stealer
dreamer, child anchoring
alien illegal to your border,
separates me, your wall
another brick will erode
you, keeping your mind
blaming mi cuerpo, crumble
fall from the rumbling
of mi mente, hear me singing,
calle marching unidos
con mis hermanas, hermanos,
familias, inciting canciones feel
me soy hombre, I am man! —
my voice, mi fuerza,
hear my desire, oye
don’t dare me to paint
me, rolling eyes over
my invisible tan— 
when you are the ones
disappearing, whitewash
with emotions, reflecting
all that you hear, remember
recuerdo, soy hombre…
always, I siempre will—

Gracias Gloria E. Anzaldúa y Alejandra Sanchez


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