Anwar Gheni Jaber



A Lost Soul

The windows are important because my father had said that winds are always kissing
the glasses of the windows in the early morning. I can see the souls of the winds, but
the problem is situating in my fingers where all the stories of absence reside in. In fact
I am trying to color my soul with a windy gaze but as you see nothing here; in my
depths, but the loss.


The Lost Saddle

My family might have possessed a saddle; I don't know and I didn't ask about this, but
I think if we had one, it will be uncompassionate like our desert. You know; I am an
Arabian man and there is nothing here but deserted souls, so I decided to immerse in
my grandfather’s well and stray in his old field looking for our lost mare.   


A Lost Love

My years are so affectionate because all these trees which we had seen in a special
moment are absent. I like the absent moment and I love the absent fragrance of my
grandfather. The colors are the remnant of a love story, and my eye is an old lover.
Now sit please, don’t worry; I am ok; I am not crazy; I just try to live without my lost


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