Cheyenne Nimes



If a meteorite is both large and moves fast enough, it glows at a degree often brighter than the sun. It blocks out the sun, the light the world appears in, the bruised light. Face-off. The Lovers is not an easy card in any deck. Their hot breath hits us in the face. Primal ember, prehensile tail, you wouldn’t believe something that big could come in that close & be so quiet. The enemy always tries to surprise you, to catch you off guard. The menace of an empty sky. You just keep upping the ante. To capture this on film you must be quick. Get on an even angle with your subject & shoot it straight on. Whatever town you’re in, just say that name. If you’re on the surface, float motionless. Don’t touch ground. The four card, the devil’s bedposts. Five is fever. Seven fishhook. You’re supposed to play out the hand you’re dealt. But you can’t conquer it, settle it, even own it. White reflects all visible frequencies, it sends back everything. Don’t look at me. Stepping toward earth and away again. A heart-shaped region. A single stone was observed to fall. The thing which was seen was not made out of the things that appear. She was wearing a cloak & a hood & a really burnt face. What it was in the end when the sun lifted itself off it. There’s no place left to run. Swinging in circles, under the influence of the gravity of another body. And the final escapist minutes. Revealing a layer of white gristle & dark muscle. Most knew what they were seeing before it hit the ground. But if they ever find her she won’t be herself.


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