Ferral Willcox

from “Glossary of Snow”

a greyblue snow that lingers in shadows when other snow has melted

Snow scraps in shadows stay in places where she wore her lace, between the legs of trees in shadows where she hid her face from rape and tales of rape; frost stays in traces after cancer, whispered rumors of underfeather, tumors where she wore her scraps, a lace of ice tatted to ash in dendritic patterns. This is her body, what’s left of see-through winter after cancer, slit womb spills tales of tumors in places snow scraps stay, a lace of rape and tales of rape. This is her body, scattered host in the hollows of rotted frost, rumors of extracted masses chanted at her back as she passes across a tattered damask of cancer, decayed into dendritic lace of rape and tales of rape, shroud of cold earth laid on the body of a girl child at birth.

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