Juliet Cook



More than just outdated blow
up dolls, their wigs drip off
the rigging and coalesce with
your own true desires.

They can be curvy,
they can have “curvature of the spine,"
they can be bloody Red
Velvet, Angel Food Cake,
White, Brown, Black, one of each, threesome
bound, twisted, identical twins with enormous breasts.

Plump or smooth toned thighs constructed
from the latest high-grade rubber
feels better than real flesh.
It doesn’t smell synthetic,
even when it burns.

You get to choose your own fire cracker
hair color, eye color, butt size, nipple shape
and the sounds they make when their mouth is open
or stuffed or gagged or banged into misshapen oblivion.

We have a special room for the best
selling blood drenched screaming ones
with no eyes and two extra holes. 


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