Jacklyn Janeksela



from down there, she cries//from down where, it whispers//from down here, she cries
no one expected her voice, not even she or her or they

and she explains down there is like this::

beneath the ocean that splits open shells where mermaids
spool and thread sea moss to make wigs for mermen

just under the lid of a coffin, it closed her life off for good
without warning, it still shakes under new moons

buried in the foothills of a wide open plain covered
with rocks that mimic spiders that mimic tumbleweeds that mimic hair

an outer space in reverse where the stars vibrate a mighty song
and ripple time like a broken mirror, it’s all soundless

below her pillow where she trembles from between death and orgasm, the
hand that holds her there is her own but it’s also theirs

and it could be yours, too


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