Kinsey Cantrell



but first tell me

did you want to lose weight? asks the rheumatologist.
did you want to lose weight? asks the gastroenterologist.
did you want to lose weight? asks the primary care physician.

yes! of course i wanted to lose weight! of course
i wanted to peel off skin and clutch red chunked epidermis
like christmas cards   wear hypodermis, faux coat   chew
fascia press corpuscle in place   tree branch vein protruding pelvis
proud and vacant   my spring break bod
                                                                        “whatever you’ve got
give me some!” say women i love and have never known
to have problems eating but hunger for displacement   the less
space i take up the better   since adolescence i’ve known
the number of calories in a slice of bread   a plate
of food   it used to be too much but now never
enough   i don’t have the language to talk
about ribs   about the feeling of fading
about liking it   about hating
the smalling the begging the
look at the colors of my
hands   look at the lab
test the abnormality
if you can help me
can you help me

grasp for food scrap, quantitative proof


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