Laurin DeChae

after D. Scot Miller’s “Afrosurreal Manifesto”

i see black and creation disjointed
[it] sounds inner-outer, 
pied rind and surreal heart.
prophet persona: see myself as a mask of shades,
make you act like smooth tongue, heartless heart
enter world, fool world, fluidity, the Invisible!
i See wonder, 
but no name for it.
a term creating world—seen it, named it.
mystical that art of “others” the root meaning
what was once collapsed. diaspora
that turns tomorrow’s-tongue to recall. the future? 
the future past. a “future-past” called
genuflections, twists, “browning.” 
this is a sign outcast. no means
all you yet-untouched in the museums, galleries.
kool blue lost legacies and cities, invisible invisible. 
the words you are reading right now, 
drifting a rowboat with no oars, invisible! wonders!
emerging origins, gods with new faces, new gods
with old faces. the lyrics emerging mosaic mix
with the visible world, the invisible world uncover
new-eye “madness” as visitations, magic. we take up the murk, 
dreams called collage. we want to body life fluid, 
filled mixing, melding, remnants of this apocalypse-smooth tongue
collapsed en masse, with blood and boots.


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