Leila Zonouzi



200 days to go
Venue: sent pictures to mom / booked
194 days to go
Photographer: met over coffee, lovely person, says San Diego is stunning in July / booked
Dress: Facetimed with mom, she cried=it’s the one / bought
Parents’ visas: applied, interview appointment in 54 days — reminder: book 4 tickets to Armenia,
damn not having an embassy in Iran

We wait
182 days to go
Invitations ready to be sent out
We wait more
180 days to go
Email from the U.S. embassy: doors are closed.
— days to go.
The wall is up.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I’m truly indebted to all the brave souls who have created a wall of resistance and are fighting
to end discrimination and injustice.
Some are seeking to smother the light. Let’s be each other’s torches and show them how we shine.

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