McKenzie Chinn


my royalty is ground energy
moving up from the earth
through soles of my feet and
shining out the top of my head,

a searchlight

a halo
i crown myself
i am holy

i crown myself in having been beckoned into the world by my mother
i crown myself in the crisp air of this very day, Chicago, December

i crown myself beyond the male gaze and beyond white tears,
beyond police and bombs and capitalism,
i crown myself beyond fear

i crown myself with my own black life,
with the persistence of matter over antimatter,
i crown myself by breathing
i crown myself with resistance

inside me somewhere is a seed
it is buried near here
the seed is a searchlight scouring the dark
the seed searches for you
the seed is a crown

i look for other crowns
they float invisible
atop our heads,
atop your head, but
only if you know
it’s already there

::: you are crowned, behave accordingly :::

i crown myself with my own open hand

i crown myself

i crown myself

i crown

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