Margaret Wack


Eat until you feel full
of life. Eat until you feel full
of sorrow. Eat until your mouth hurts
from swallowing and your gums
bleed and your stomach recoils.
Eat meat red and raw from the bones
of animals and let the juice
drip down your chin. Eat until
you feel as if you are lighter
than precious metals, the wind,
the weight of your combined
parts. Eat until your bones
show through. Eat bones until
the shards cut your stomach.
Eat only fruit, like an animal,
pull out your canines with tweezers
and become pure. Eat only liquids
until you feel as if you were on fire
with water and whiskey, until everything
burns. Eat until your clothes swallow
you, eat until your skin stretches
its bounds. Eat until you cannot contain
any more of the universe inside
your body, until you lie surrounded
by yourself and still want more.
Eat until you are as wan and beautiful
as a ghost. Eat until your skin is the color
of pearls. Eat until your lips tremble
with hunger. Eat until your fingers
bleed and you suck the blood
from them and taste the salt
and grow dizzy with need. Eat until
your bones break. Eat until your flesh
becomes so weary of itself
that it lies down on silken sheets
and spreads its limbs wide open
and will not get up. Eat until you become
invisible. Eat until you fill the corners
of the eye. Eat until you consume the world
whole, head first and squirming, until it becomes
you and you become full and you no longer