Rodney Wilder


I could not have more reason for light
to tear out of me, a daybreak
splaying over my tongue, so loved
that love becomes blood & breath, word
& will. I have not forgotten this gospel.
A sunrise known & known by, you
have sung me to so many shores I
should not have reached with life
left in my lungs.
                           The storm at sea:
my father. Trauma, the water I
thought you spared me from swallowing.
But I put my hand over the place I last
buried your warmth, and gallons of something
rotten now slosh & clot in response.
What I try to sigh out of my system doesn’t
leave anymore. A foment ever fed & souring &

what else could this be? What, if not that
                           coffin of an ocean
keeping its promise to drown me?

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