Tina Gross

after Jennifer Chang

Something in the bed goes
twisting around. Cat-space.
Husband-shapes. Shouts
of dreamt fisticuffs, no
memory for it. Something
in the bed has found
rest by staying parallel
to the floor. Warm quilt, has it
jolts or cries? Sack of stretch. Pillow-
hush choking mattress-hush. Weave
and purr. Something in the
bed. Hypnagogia. I did not want
to mean that.  Warm pajamas, have they
sleeper-song? Have they waking
dream? Sock-loss and preoccupied
seam, its fraying agenda. Some-
thing in the. Bed wrinkled and
somniloquy. I did not mean to
wake. Has it shrink and fade?
Has it twist and shout? A bristly
cheek, fraught paws, such
tender adjustment. Body-
and breath-hush. Do I predormitum-
cuddle? Do I suggestibility?
Something in the bed does.

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