Uche Ogbuji



Always winging, immigrants know for hard flap;
Flap made news when nationals cruise for scapegoats.
Goths are ever threatening at the outpost—
Blast them off packing.

One for all are immigrants put on perp walk.
Every Sam is son of a gun by wide talk.
Neighbors say you’re one of the goodies. Be their
Dearly deported.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:Nationalists seek out sensational anecdotes of dangerous or resource-abusing immigrants in order to demonize all arrivals. Challenge them with immigrants who bring unimpeachable good, and they claim to only oppose a bad subset. Only undocumented workers, or migrants who would change the national character (code for non-whites). We immigrants, and our friends, must be vigilant against the like. We are as diverse as any such large grouping of people, existing in black, white, and all shades of grey along any axis. We must show solidarity against cynical ploys of nationalists, and against all oppression. Attacks on civil rights tend to hurt immigrants the most.


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