Rogue Agent asked, and writers responded with a photograph that depicts another role in their lives beside "writer."


In my other life, I am a Business Consultant and Educator in the Fashion and Beauty industry. 

NAME: Carrie Addington
GENRES: poetry

I'm a full time Business Consultant and Educator in the Fashion and Beauty Industry. At the end of the day, my role as a poet and my professional role are intertwined by the artistry and act of creation that exists in both realms. 

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In My Other Life I am a civil rights activist.

NAME: Charles Bane, Jr.
GENRES: poetry, criticism

The photo is of my son, Charles III, meeting Coretta Scott King as I look on.

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In My other life I run a yoga studio.

NAME: Diana Whitney
GENRES: poetry, essays, book reviews

I’m a writer in Vermont and a yoga instructor in my “other life.”  I run a small studio attached to my home, where I teach classes, workshops, and private sessions.  Yoga practice keeps me grounded in the body amidst the heady highs and lows of writing and publishing.   Here’s a photo of me in my favorite pose (side plank, or vashisthasana).

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In my other life, I am a house-sitter who lives simply on the road.

NAME: Therése Halscheid
GENRES: poetry, lyric essay

The photo is of a clapboard home I cared for, known as Beverly’s Hill, situated on the Delaware River in upstate Pennsylvania.

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In my other life, I am a maker...

NAME: Juliet Cook
GENRE: "mostly poetry"

...of multicolored, multishaped, multitextured painting collage art hybrid creatures (because sometimes one-of-a-kind visual expression feels like another kind of poetry).

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In my other life I teach cultural studies at universities in Southern China.

NAME: Miodrag Kojadinović
GENRES: poetry, short stories, travel writing, queer theory

And that includes having to take part in events which help the Chinese familiarise themselves with Western customs. Including the silly, and mostly just Unitedstatesian (colloquially: American) Hallowe'en, which -- such as it is -- is not really a part of my own cultural heritage.

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In my other life I am a mother...

NAME: Sheila Squillante
GENRES: poetry, essay

... a threat / a strong arm with sweet sweet smile / a flannel nightgown lined with quiet and trimmed with teeth.

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In my other life, I am a clinical psychologist with a full-time private practice.

NAME: Carrie Nassif
GENRE: poetry

Both roles can be emotionally intense and transformative; but writing is what I do for me. On the other hand, I'm not sure that I could write if I wasn't also being exposed to the vicarious trauma and healing of other people.


In my other life, I am a feeder.

NAME: Laurie Kolp
GENRE: poetry

I feed my husband and kids. I feed my dogs and birds. I feed the hungry. In the picture, I'm at the back of the ferry leading into Galveston. 

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In my other life, I am a Montessori teacher.

NAME: Ann Hudson
GENRE: poetry

I teach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders all together in a classroom.  Here some students are using what they've learned in their botany and geometry studies to design their own flowers, labeling all the parts of their imagined flower. 

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In my other life, I am a free-range librarian.

NAME; Sarah Winn
GENRES: poetry, hybrid forms, flash

Roaming the nonfiction stacks is the best remedy for writer's block; little factoids jump start many of my poems.

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