Rogue Agent asked, and writers responded with a photograph of something that makes them feel strong, poised, and ready to take on the world when they have it on their body. 


I feel empowered when I wear my Patti Smith t-shirt.

NAME: Alessandra Bava
GENRES: poetry, nonfiction

I feel empowered when I wear this signed t-shirt because Patti Smith is the most inspiring woman I have ever met. I will never forget the day we briefly talked about literature and the way she hugged me joyously because I had brought her a book of poems by French writer Albertine Sarrazin dating back to the 60s as a gift. She is a genuine artist and poet. I love her!

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I feel empowered when I wear my rose gold necklace.

NAME: Alexis Rhone Fancher
GENRE: poetry, flash fiction

I designed [this necklace] by marrying my maternal grandfather’s watch chain with a giant, perfect aquamarine I inherited from my father’s sister. When I wear the necklace, I feel the combined strength of both sides of my lineage; it makes me feel powerful.

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I feel empowered when I wear a red lip.

NAME: Alyssa Yankwitt
GENRE: poetry

I feel strong, feisty, slutty, sexy, powerful, brave, bold, and fierce when I wear a red lip.

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I feel empowered when I wear my brown rubber Alessi wrist watch.

NAME: Celeste Gainey
GENRE: poetry

Time is all the fashion I need.

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I feel empowered when I wear my magic pink shoes.

NAME: Janeen Pergrin Rastall
GENRES: poetry, flash fiction




NAME: Jacquie Harris
GENRES: comedy, science fiction

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I feel empowered when I wear the infinity sweater I made.

NAME: jenn Bakal
GENRES: poetry, short prose


I feel empowered when I wear my squirrel dress.

NAME: Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
GENRE: poetry

I feel empowered when I wear this because it is a little bizarre and requires a second look. I like how the pattern is sort of elegant, but the idea of a mass of squirrels together is sort of gross. I paired the dress with these vintage boots and peacock earrings.

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I feel empowered when I wear polka dots, perfect lips, and pearls.

NAME: Jen Stein
GENRES: poetry, letters, fiction

As a costume it boosts my confidence and makes me feel like I own a room, like people listen to the power of all three P's. 

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I feel empowered when I wear maternity clothes.

NAME: Katie Manning
GENRE: poetry

The maternity clothes (and really the pregnant belly under them) were so empowering for me. I never feel better about my body than when I am rocking a large pregnant belly.

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I feel empowered when I wear my skintight black vinyl catsuit
with the zipper that runs from collarbone to tailbone.

NAME: Leslie Salas
GENRES: short- and long-form fiction, creative nonfiction, graphic narrative, screenplays, and poetry

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I feel empowered when the interview shoes are shiny.

NAME: Les Kay
GENRE: poetry


I feel empowered when I wear a great suit.

NAME: Meron Langsner
GENRES: playwright, essayist 

This particular suit is a Canali.  It was a gift from a friend I received when I first got into real estate.  The photo is a selfie I took at Stux Gallery in a piece by Margaret Evangeline (actually one of the first ones I'd ever taken).  My friend who gave me this suit said that "this is a closing suit, not an everyday suit." 

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I feel empowered when I wear a bear.

NAME: Michael Albright
GENRE: poetry


I feel empowered when I wear my black Doc Martens...

NAME: Sarah Lilius
GENRE: poetry

...because they remind me of my youth when I was carefree and didn’t care what the world thought of me. I’m not that feminine and that’s okay.

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I feel empowered when I wear this Camelback...

NAME: Nicole Tong
GENRE: poetry

... because it means I've set a significant distance expectation for myself on a run or a hike. I recently completed a 100K from Georgetown in DC to Harper's Ferry, WV.

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I feel empowered when I wear paint.

NAME: Sally Deskins
GENRE: arts reviews, criticism, and features

In this photo, you can see a bra and underwear that I body painted in; behind it you can see body prints I have done in the past, sans undergarments.

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I feel empowered when I where skulls. Anywhere.

NAME: Suzanne Grazyna
GENRE: poetry


I feel empowered when I wear Stardust.

NAME: Sommer Marie Sterud
GENRES: poetry, jokes, essays

Music is my make-up.


I feel empowered when I wear my skin, my talismans, my psychic armor.

NAME: Sonya Vatomsky
GENRES: poetry, essays

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