Juliet Cook


It appears in a recurring bad dream that started when I was a little girl.

I thought the rabbits with red eyes were evil, because the rabbits with red eyes were usually the rabbits with white hair.

White combined with small circles of red reminded me of a hospital with a fake
sterile smell to cover the blood.

White refrigerator filled with white needles. White bedding. White cage.

Inside the recurring dream, a white van was coming to abduct me. I was hiding in the kitchen behind the white garbage can. I was praying I couldn't be seen through any window view. The white van slowly drove back and forth, awaiting the right moment.

I didn't deserve to live because I was too scared to scream and too weak to run away.

I will be taught what I deserve.

I will be caught and tossed in the back of the white van, filled with syringes and a cage of shaking red eyed rabbits.

I will find out it isn't the rabbits that are evil. A red eye will be cut out and flung at me. The rabbit with one eye will be thrown away and replaced with another rabbit. The rabbits are being tortured or being tested. The rabbits are being syringed with new ingredients to change their entire color to match their eyes.

The bleeding rabbits are flung against the back door inside the white van. The man in the van says they are cosmetics. He holds a syringe over my head and says my neck is a cosmetic. I remember when my grandpa laughed about snapping a rabbit's neck.

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