Melissa Eleftherion


we’re all becoming animals here
our scaly skins showing through the stained glass
why now why slither
the rainbow gate beneath suit sleeves
beneath chiffon and tweed
the rainbow plexus in our throats

once a wren ever an abalone shell
we were whole once
wander detritus wonder
the furs in the soft air
gentle browns of wood and bark
as the furs gallop by

in recent lavas
we were the hands holding
we were the under
and beneath

 to speak in soil tongues
to be called into ditches
to be summoned
venal wing
wet black eros pitch

leaf matter and dirt cake
the cavity of I root
small declivities of teeth
along the rim
how the mouth knows

we were once rose quartz
we were agate
smashed and smashed
among the rock
your smooth body a reminder 

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